Project Description


Welcome to The Queens’ Round Table, Sister.

The Queens’ Round Table is a Programme for revolutionary women leaders of spiritual integrity who are committed to creating real impact in the world. The Programme is a pathway of Legendary Leadership. You will go on an unparalleled learning journey to engage, nurture, strengthen and fully anchor yourself as a Legendary Leader for the planet.

The Earth and our global society are at an evolutionary gateway. You are at an evolutionary gateway. You know you have a powerful role to play in this epoch. You are ready to fully embody your mythic potential as a leader of personal power, planetary vision and spiritual integrity.

The QRT Programme serves as a catalyst, and crucible, that ushers you to the next level of your global Legacy.

Join us and the vibrant, passionate circle of international leaders who are the

 Queens of the Round Table

It is time to Take Your Seat, Sister!

We are waiting for you

What makes a Queen

A Queen is a woman whose Soul has been forged by fire many times. Precocious princesses abound but Queens are few and far between.

A Queen is a Spiritual Warrior who embodies the inner Sacred Marriage of divine feminine and masculine, having worked for years to become conscious of, heal and integrate all her scattered parts.

She has repeatedly resurrected herself as the Phoenix from the fires of destruction and transformation in order to bring forth her light of wisdom and unique gifts for the good of All.

This process has ground her down into a place of humility but also of tremendous strength and courage, which enables her to hold strong boundaries, and drives her to manifest her Sacred Service in the world as a Legendary Leader.

A Queen still feels fear and resistance, but she has learned how to move through it in order to fulfil her Soul’s purpose in service to the Divine, her community and the Earth.

She recognises and honours the same qualities in her Sister Queens, respecting their professional and personal boundaries, and seeks only to lift them up from a place of love and respect.

A Queen is a woman you can trust on the battlefield of life to be conscious of leading with the integrity, justice and truth of the Wise Woman; the strength, courage and balance of the Spiritual Warrior; and the compassion, respect and love of the Wounded Healer.

When true Queens come together and sit at the Round Table, they embody all that is needed to co-create and birth the New Earth together.

Embodying Your Legendary Leadership

Legendary Leadership is leading with full-throttle engagement of your multi-dimensional essence. It is a fluid and dynamic leadership that calls forth the innate wisdom of your cells and psyche. It is sourced from the deep mythic currents that move in the quantum territory of the Feminine. In Legendary Leadership, you are committed to authenticity and your own journey of sovereignty. You include all parts of Self at your Inner Round Table. Legendary Leadership is – inwardly and outwardly – collaborative, pioneering, devoted to excellence and thriving for All.

As Legendary Leaders, we are mythic and modern Queens. We walk with Faith in many realms and serve the future of the planet. We are willing to walk past the edge of the known and discover the emergent territory of our future. We are creative, conscious, planetary Change Agents.

In the QRT, you will explore the vast territory of Legendary Leadership through both mythic and modern teachings. You will sit with other Queens at the outer Round Table and support them as they support you. You will dive into the fires of your mythic passion and modern purpose, and be forged into a living chalice of inspiration, guidance and power for yourself, your beloveds, your communities and our collective, emergent New Earth.

Who the Programme is for

The Queens’ Round Table is a deep immersion, a paradigm-shifting, wild, luminous leadership journey for women who are:

  • ready to incarnate their fullest Divine Feminine potential, expanding their identity into global leadership
  • already experienced and far along the path of personal transformation and leadership, although likely feeling stuck in old paradigms of transformation and stale leadership
  • established leaders/guides/teachers who already have a community they serve or an organisation they have either created and/or lead
  • on the precipice of the next octave of their own development, feeling something calling them, which feels both exciting and scary at the same time
  • have a level of psychological maturity and established personal capacity for the on-going integration and healing of their sacred wounds/shadow selves
  • passionate about collaborating with other women to create impact in the 3D realm, knowing that it is through the conscious collective field that we create thriving for all
  • turned on by the communion of action-oriented Service grounded in the 3D, with expansive galactic ascension currents
  • enthusiastic, ecstatic and willing to commit their resources to the Programme due to their inherent understanding of the power of investment, focus and dedication of resources
  • have innate integrity and ethically conduct themselves with honour and good morals within their internal and external relationships

The Queens’ Round Table is NOT for you if:

  • you are just beginning on your spiritual or leadership journey
  • you are looking for a Priestess training – the QRT is not a Priestess Training
  • you are still learning to regulate your system from trauma (both Annabel and Holly have experienced severe trauma in their personal lives and have the deepest of compassion for the healing journey so it is from this place of personal understanding and honouring that they wish to clarify that this particular programme is not suited for women who are learning how to self-regulate)
  • you do not have the time or the capacity to commit to show up for the live seminars and councils, or the internal motivation and self-discipline to do the exercises and ceremonies
  • you are looking for leaders or a programme that will either save you or serve you up superficial answers in a pretty package

The QRT Programme is designed for women who follow through, who love to engage and co-create together, and show up for and with each other. We are committed to building the New Earth, and this will happen through loving commitment and revolutionary focus.

What the Programme will give you

The QRT Programme is designed by Annabel and Holly to support you on your path of Legendary Leadership and Sacred Service through a combination of mythic and modern teachings.

Inspired by the 8 year astronomical, astrological and mythic Journey of Descent and Ascent of the Venus Cycle, the foundation myth of the Rose-Celtic Lineages, the QRT Programme begins on 3 June 2020 when Venus rebirths herself as Queen into a new 8 year cycle during this powerful epoch in our co-creation of the New Earth.

This is an 8 year Leadership Programme with 5 intakes for each of the 19-month synodic periods that it takes Venus to rebirth herself as the Morning Star, as she forms the 5-pointed Star of Wisdom at the centre of the Celestial Rose. You are welcome to take your seat at the Round Table for just one or as many of the 19-month synodic periods as you would like within the 8 year Programme.

At a foundation level during each 19-month journey, you will be guided by Annabel and Holly through the active mythos of the Rose and Celtic-Druidic Lineages as they relate to the Solar, Lunar, Venusian, Sirian, Pleiadian and Eclipse Cycles, giving you expansive insight and guidance for the grounding of your work in the 3D.

Building on this, the primary content of the programme involves Annabel and Holly facilitating your deeply embodied experience of the Archetypes of the 9 Rose Queens and 9 Celtic Queens to support you in gaining clarity and direction around your own unique pathway of Legendary Leadership and Sacred Service.

All this will take place within the safe and supportive container of The Queens’ Round Table Council, where we will come together in collaboration as Queens and Leaders to co-create Sacred Service projects in the world that make a tangible difference. 

Sacred Service

The inspiration and driving force behind The Queens’ Round Table is our dedication to bringing about radical, positive change in the world.

Every month, we will come together online for The Queens’ Round Table Councils where we will combine all our knowledge, talents and experience as Queens and Leaders into the co-creation of a global Sacred Service project.

As a Council of Queens, we will choose a social or environmental issue and a country in which to sew the seeds of our Sacred Service project, and work together to bring that vision into reality for the good of All.

At the end of each 19-month synodic period, we will embark on pilgrimage together to the country we have chosen, to engage the successful manifestation of our Sacred Service project in the 3D.

Project leaders will be elected to oversee the continuing growth of each Sacred Service project beyond the 19-month synodic period, as The Queens’ Round Table grows by necessity with each new intake into a global organisation of Queens and Legendary Leaders committed to co-creating the New Earth.