Project Description


Our Journey is embodied in the Rose and Celtic Lineage symbol of the 7-level Labyrinth of Ancient Crete, Old Europe and Cornwall – the physical manifestation of our ancestors’ ancient reverence of the Venus Cycle with her 7 waning moons and 7 waxing moons, which the QRT programme is aligned with and anchored in.

Below you will find the details of exactly what you will receive, and need to commit to, on each 19-month journey as a Queen of the Round Table.

Annabel Du Boulay

Holly Hamilton

Mythic Legendary Leadership Live Seminars

A 2-hour Live Group Webinar Class each month with both Annabel and Holly.

In this Class, Annabel and Holly will guide you in emergent New Paradigm Legendary Leadership.

We will explore the intersection of the mytho-poetic themes and frequencies of the Queen of the month and link them into modern leadership teachings.

This Class supports you to fully embody your Divine Feminine Leadership for the planet. The ancient Queens open up vast sovereign spiritual territory. The modern leadership teachings engage you at a high level of professionalism and 3D mastery. Together, these teachings source your leadership and service from the deepest truths of reality and give you what you need to be, as a global voice of Sacred Service.

Sacred Service Round Table Live Councils

A 2-hour Live Group Webinar Council each month with both Annabel and Holly.

Every month, we will come together online for The Queens’ Round Table Councils where we will combine all our knowledge, talents and experience as Queens and Leaders into the co-creation of a global Sacred Service project.

As a Council of Queens, we will choose a social or environmental issue and a country in which to sew the seeds of our Sacred Service project, and work together to bring that vision into reality for the good of All.

At the end of each 19-month synodic period, we will embark on pilgrimage together to the country we have chosen, to engage the successful manifestation of our Sacred Service project in the 3D.


One of the most significant parts of Legendary Leadership is the connection to the Earth herself.

The Queens’ Round Table Programme participants are invited to pilgrimage with Annabel and Holly on 5 unique Grail Quests.

At the end of each 19-month Venus Cycle, we will journey to ancient Sacred Sites of power that are part of the Queens of the Round Table lineage currents.

These journeys are deeply devotional and Initiate your Queenship as only the sacred land of Gaia can.

The Pilgrimages are a complementary way to activate and embody your Legendary Leadership, to circle in person with your Sister-Queens.

Each Pilgrimage will be focused not only on personal initiation, but will also be devoted to serving the lands and communities we visit as part of the manifestation of our Sacred Service project in the 3D.