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It’s important that you can trust the Queens who are going to be facilitating your experience of The Queens’ Round Table Programme so here is a taste of some of the feedback we have received from the numerous clients we have worked with over our combined 60 years of work experience.

Annabel Du Boulay

Being part of this Rose Moon Membership has been like coming Home. Annabel’s teachings and guided visualisations are exquisite, embodied and informed. For me, this has been such a pleasure as I feel these ancient wisdom teachings are updated to the current times where we are being called to Being of Service in all aspects, from the hearth of our families, to our work places and communities. The Rose Moon Membership provides us the chance to be in circle with global Rose Sisters & Brothers during these transformative times in our lives and on our planet. A Blessed Gift.

Filipa Miles, The Rose Moon Membership

The Rose Moon Membership has been a guiding light of beauty and transformation, a safe sanctuary for my heart. Annabel shares such deep embodied knowledge regarding the Rose Lineage, each spoken word during her meditations transmitting straight to your soul.  The journey through the Venus Cycle is deepening my connection with the Divine Feminine with each circle shining light on new gifts buried within.

Georgie Catling, Author of Yoni Oracle Cards, Womb Awakening Mentor & Practitioner, The Rose Moon Membership

Annabel’s wonderful teaching style combines history, theory, myth, legend, visualisations, imaginal journeys, physical pilgrimages and creative expression, covering the Rose Lineage from the cradle of civilisation across the millennia. I have loved all of it, learning about the goddesses and priestess traditions of the lineage, and learning about myself, and remembering my soul journey across the millennia. It has been so much better even than I could have imagined, and I have met a wonderful new community of priestess and priest sisters and brothers. This process has truly changed and enriched my life.

Donna Gerard, Senior Yoga Teacher, The Avalon Rose Priestess Training

This training has transformed my life for the better, it has been so affirming, challenging, inspiring and grounding. I have SO enjoyed the style of teaching and learning within the course, and I would highly recommend working with Annabel to anyone who wants to learn more about the Rose Lineage on a deeper level.

Darcie Kermode, The Avalon Rose Priestess Training

Annabel holds space for extremely deep personal transformation. As you go deep, you connect with archetypal energies that bring you to your fullest embodiment of your Divine Self and help process all of those difficult moments from past and present lifetimes. I couldn’t be more blessed to have learned from her!

JD, California, The Avalon Rose Priestess Training

I’ve gained so much from this training – experiential wisdom; the unlocking of awareness around my soul gifts, knowledge and expertise; sisterhood and community. I think the blend of left-brain/right-brain learning makes this accessible to everyone and really allows for wisdom to be integrated into practice.

Carmen Edwards, Soul Coach at Live the Magic, The Avalon Rose Priestess Training

Diving into the depths of the Rose Lineage has allowed me to connect the dots of all the previous paths I’ve walked. Understanding my Soul’s purpose guided by the wonderful Annabel Du Boulay has definitely changed my perception of and scope for the future. Having the certainty of wholeness, of my inner Sacred Marriage, of the duality but also the integrity, has created a new version of me for the good. This is a path that shows us how to find our own inner gnosis, our truth, by understanding and embracing each and all of the circumstances that have occurred in the past, in order to build an amazing future by living consciously every second in our present. I am so grateful and can’t help but want as many people as possible to walk this path.

Alex Reyes-Ortiz, The Avalon Rose Priestess Training

I found my real essence through this beautiful training, working with these ancestral Goddesses who are at the root of many answers to our questions about life, but most of all they are the answers to our present life. Thank you, Annabel, for being my guide and teaching me how to follow the Goddess, who is within me, since the beginning of time.

Erendira Ramirez de Rincon, Author of the Benevento Tarot, The Avalon Rose Priestess Training

The training feels like a subtle alchemical process through which the gathered knowledge is being pieced together into a canvas. It brings clarity to various aspects that were not understood, it bridges information and brings confirmation to states of being that I was doubting. It also creates this sense of community and family where one can go through the process of transmutation with a sense of belonging and understanding. It feels as if it is an ethereal temple, unseen to the physical, yet to the eye of perception, it is tangible, morphous & alive.

Alina Stoleru, Facilitator at Love is The Way, The Avalon Rose Priestess Training

I have had an amazing, enlightening, inspiring and empowering experience. I have learnt so much that I will be able to use and apply to both my personal and commercial life.

CJB, Corporate Team Training

The training resulted in a highly influential learning experience for us individually and in our connection and bond as a team. Annabel is a deeply intuitive and truly gifted coach.

Heather Cooper, Corporate Team Training

Holly Hamilton

As a Leader, Mentor and Entrepreneur in my field, I understand the importance of growing, expanding and pushing oneself to excel as an individual consciously, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Holly has assisted me with stepping outside of my comfort zone with loving support and high integrity. I put my entire trust and faith in Holly and have completely shifted my business, relationships, and passion for my purpose here on planet Earth. If you are a seasoned Queen who has a passion for leadership, and needs guidance and support along this less-traveled road, I highly suggest working with Holly Hamilton. I know that Spirit placed Holly along my path to help and guide me to continue to rise to my full potential as an empowered Queen on this Earthwalk.

Laurie Barraco, Author & Founder of The Mystical Moon, The Priestess Path of Avalon

Holly holds a chalice of integrity and devotion, and is willing to go the extra mile to serve the truth for women to shine through in purity and grace. She listens deeply to the calling of her soul and leads from a place of connection and love. She is truly a woman of the utmost virtue and one who I turn to again and again for unwavering support and guidance. She is patient, kind and thoughtful with her words and delivers her message with respect and empathy for everything around her. There are many priestess programs out there, but none compare to Awakening Avalon nor the leadership of Holly Hamilton. Her life is utterly devoted to Morgana and awakening the beauty of Avalon inside all of us.

Tiffany Grimm, Director at EXOS, The Priestess Path of Avalon

True Leadership sits on a foundation of integrity, collaboration, devotion and kindness. It is these qualities I have experienced as a long-time student and colleague of Holly Rhiannon. Through Holly Rhiannon’s teachings and mentoring, I have refined my sense of my personal purpose and mission. Though I had been in leadership roles for more than 25 years, my work with Holly Rhiannon helped me break through places where I was stuck or reflexively leading from outdated paradigms and helped guide me towards greater sovereignty and trusting in the emergent territory of our future. As a direct result of studying with her, I have claimed more fully my seat as a woman and wisdom keeper – in my personal life and in my work as a spiritual teacher and mentor. Holly Rhiannon brings three decades of devotional study and practice into all that she is and all that she does. Her leadership style is forged in the fire of her own experience. If you are truly ready to help call forth a new world and leave behind the power-over paradigms, I invite you to take any opportunity to learn from Holly Rhiannon.

Abby Tucker, The Sovereign Path, The Priestess Path of Avalon

Being an expert within a chosen field is just not quite enough to ensure success of any endeavor or of the impact it may have upon the collective community that it may serve. Leaders need to be willing to explore their own implicit beliefs and biases to effectively perform and create growth within the structures they manage. Holly’s wisdoms and teachings encourage and open you to embrace the emergence of the Divine Feminine, delve into deep inner shadow work, to release any belief systems that create barriers for self-growth. She possesses insights into those underlying issues that erode the ability to move to the highest level of performance regardless of profession. My own growth has involved embodying the full potential of self-worth and stepping fully into my role as an influencer in my profession and on my life path.

Donna Seed, Director of Social Services, The Priestess Path of Avalon

The creation of a safe space that allows for this personal exploration is one of the skills that Holly excels at so very well. Her warmth, wisdoms and years of experience make her an exceptional mentor and guide to help one become a successful leader, particularly outside of the age old, non-effective leadership styles. If you are looking for navigating your way into and through fresh paradigms, developing into an innovative leader that stands within the confidence on your own self potential, and honestly exploring how your own shadow and implicit biases may hold you back…..then you have landed in the right place.

Donna Seed, Director of Social Services, The Priestess Path of Avalon

Holly Hamilton is a rare jewel of a woman. Her personal devotion infuses everything she does with profound integrity and grace. I have deep respect and trust for her life and work. I found Holly at an auspicious moment of crossroads in my spiritual journey, and her guidance has made me proud to be the woman I am today. During the three years of her priestess path program, her steady support allowed me to anchor into myself in previously inaccessible ways, and I still hear echos of her words as part of the network of my most trusted internal compasses. Holly is an incredibly humble master in her field, and she often reminds us that her work is to help us remember the wisdom we already carry. She deeply trusts and supports the women she works with in leading their own awakening. Her expertise is in a particularly refined and luxurious embodiment, celebration and affirmation of life, love and beauty.

Erin Kundrie, Author, Teacher, Poet, Priestess, The Priestess Path of Avalon

I have known Holly since 1997 when she was the Student Services Director of the Rolf Institute in Boulder, CO. She is one of the most independent and creative thinkers I know and it didn’t surprise me when she shared her vision of Awakening Avalon: an innovative, pioneering school based on the synthesis of all of her learnings, formal and otherwise, with no or few precedents as I understood. She has a vast knowledge of so many fields and interweaves them so seamlessly. In a timeless fashion, she can walk through many worlds with grace and ease. She brought me into a new living relationship with the earth and sense of place when I spent time with her in Glastonbury, Ireland and Scotland. It remains with me.

Kathleen Kish, Certified Rolfer, SEP, RCST, Pilgrimage Participant

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Holly! As my teacher, you’ve not only been deeply committed to my evolution as a Priestess but also as a woman coming into my power as a leader. It is through your intuitive, integrative teaching and guidance that I’m learning to embrace change and to be courageous in supporting and teaching the women in my own circles. As my mentor, you listen to what I say and discern what is essential. You don’t try to fix or cure me. You encourage me to look deeper, to be curious, and to have compassion for what is moving through me, or trying to remain in the shadows. You remind me that experiential learning curves are an open invitation to understand the opportunities for personal growth, self-discovery and transformation that await me. Through your guidance and support, I continue to commit to my own spiritual growth, personal development and to deepen my devotion to Gaia. Every person in this world can have a true and lasting effect on our planet.

Nanci Pritchard, The Priestess Path of Avalon