Project Description


The inspiration and driving force behind The Queens’ Round Table is our dedication to bringing about radical, positive change in the world.

Our vision is to unite a Round Table of extraordinary female Legendary Leaders to tackle social and environmental issues on a global level, thereby helping to co-create a New Earth for the good of All.

Sacred Service

Every month, we will come together online for The Queens’ Round Table Councils where we will combine all our knowledge, talents and experience as Queens and Leaders into the co-creation of a global Sacred Service project.

As a Council of Queens, we will choose a social or environmental issue and a country in which to sew the seeds of our Sacred Service project, and work together to bring that vision into reality for the good of All.

At the end of each 19-month synodic period, we will embark on pilgrimage together to the country we have chosen, to engage the successful manifestation of our Sacred Service project in the 3D.

Project leaders will be elected to oversee the continuing growth of each Sacred Service project beyond the 19-month synodic period, as The Queens’ Round Table grows by necessity with each new intake into a global organisation of Queens and Legendary Leaders committed to co-creating the New Earth.


One of the most significant parts of Legendary Leadership is the connection to the Earth herself.

The Queens’ Round Table Programme participants are invited to pilgrimage with Annabel and Holly on 5 unique Grail Quests.

At the end of each 19-month Venus Cycle, we will journey to ancient Sacred Sites of power that are part of the Queens of the Round Table lineage currents.

These journeys are deeply devotional and Initiate your Queenship as only the sacred land of Gaia can.

The Pilgrimages are a complementary way to activate and embody your Legendary Leadership, to circle in person with your Sister-Queens.

Each Pilgrimage will be focused not only on personal initiation, but will also be devoted to serving the lands and communities we visit as part of the manifestation of our Sacred Service project in the 3D.

New Paradigm Sacred Service

The service that we develop and engage with during the pilgrimage will be a co-creative participatory experience, and a time for us as individual Queens to collaborate. In these times of chaos that we find ourselves alive, the power of the collective is at the heart of all true thriving. We are moving out of a ME focused world to a WE focused world. The only way we will establish a New Earth is through truly care-taking each other. None of us are free and thriving until all of us are free and thriving.

The Sacred Service we desire to engage with will be informed by the decolonization movement. At QRT we are present to the great trauma that power-over systems have created globally. We will be exploring and co-creating a service project within the commitment to decolonization. The current paradigm of service, support and activism is being deconstructed right now. Annabel and Holly do not have all the answers to this and will be in a learning co-creation with all of the Queens in the circle.

We will be hearing from honoured Guest Speakers who are teachers and activists in this realm. Women of colour, racism and privilege educators, climate justice activists, historical and ancestral trauma healers, and other experts in these areas are invited to share their teachings on these topics. We at QRT are devoted to excavating the power-over imprints in our own psyches and consciously working to create a New Earth that does not perpetuate the social, cultural and environmental distortions we are currently struggling with globally.