Project Description


The Curriculum for The Queens’ Round Table is a living, sentient and lush transmission of spiritual leadership education. There is nothing else like it. Between Annabel and Holly, you receive specially curated teachings from over 60 combined years of devoted studentship, teaching, mentoring and facilitating. The Curriculum we have created for you is anchored in decades of experience that we have lived and been transfigured through ourselves.

When we met, we were each thrilled to find a Soul Sister who mirrored the excellence, surrender, fierce and loving wisdom we had individually uncovered on our own Paths. Both Annabel and Holly have been Initiated through the holy flame of Avalon and the living waters of the Grail, and are wisdom keepers of both the Rose and Druid Lineages.

The QRT Curriculum is a fertile and deeply textured braiding of these Rose and Celtic-Druid traditions. Ancient mytho-poetic and archetypal teachings combine with modern leadership training to evoke your quantum Queenship. The Curriculum roots you into the eternal Truth so that you can rise and rebirth your Queenhood at this fertile time on Earth.

The Venus Lunar Cycle

The start of this 8 year QRT Programme is aligned with the start of the next 8 year Venus Cycle on 3 June 2020, with 5 intakes for each of her 19-month synodic periods.

The Rose Lineage Ancient Mesopotamian Myth of the Descent of Inanna-Ishtar through 7 Gates into the Underworld and Her resurrection as Queen of Heaven was inspired by the astronomical cycle of the planet Venus with her 7 waning moon and 7 waxing moon conjunctions over a 19-month synodic period, which she repeats 5 times every 8 years, creating the 5-pointed Star of Wisdom within the centre of the Celestial Rose she traces across the skies.

There can be no coincidence that this new 8 year Venus Cycle is arising now amidst the pandemic, which is not only bringing death to the Old World as we knew it but is also creating an opportunity for us to rise up as Queens and Kings to co-create a New World together.

Guided by the Venus Lunar Cycle, we will descend the 7 Gates into the Underworld, releasing all that no longer serves us, before ascending the 7 Gates once more, resurrecting and embodying all our unique strengths and gifts to rebirth ourselves as Queen on our Path of Legendary Leadership and Sacred Service.

The Rose Moon Membership

In the Rose Moon Membership with Annabel Du Boulay, we travel together on this most ancient journey of Descent-Release and Ascent-Resurrection. On each Venus Moon Conjunction, we meet online in our Rose Moon Grove, streamed live from The Glastonbury Rose Chapel on the Isle of Avalon. At the start of each webinar, Annabel shares teachings on the astronomical, astrological and mythological energies of that specific Venus Moon Conjunction and Gate, before guiding our circle in an invocation of the Rose Deities and Guided Visualisation/Drum Journey. Afterwards, there is time for journalling and creative expression, followed by a circle share where Annabel gives you personal guidance and feedback on your experiences.

The membership also includes a Full Moon Teaching and Guided Visualisation/Drum Journey video with astrological and mythological insights to support your journey in-between the Venus Moon Conjunctions.

The Rose Queens

The Rose Queens come from an ancient lineage spanning millennia. The Wisdom of the Rose flowed down from the original black Mother Goddess of Africa to Mount Sinai and thence to Sumeria in Ancient Mesopotamia. The literature of Sumer dates back to 2500 BCE and was written down in a collection of myths, epic tales, hymns and songs, some by the world’s first named author in history – Enheduanna, High Priestess of Inanna.

There are three main myths that form the foundation of what is known as The Rose Lineage – an esoteric, shamanic tradition of which Mary Magdalene and Yeshua, as the embodiment of Sophia and the Christos, were Priestess and Priest.

This Wisdom tradition wove its way through Ancient Egypt, Judaism, Greece and Rome to the Early Christian Gnostics. Following the Crucifixion, Joseph of Arimathea is believed to have brought Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene and her daughter Sarah, the Holy Grail Bloodline, to the ancient Isle of Avalon – Glastonbury, where their group of followers built the first wooden Church where the ruins of Glastonbury Abbey now stand.

After the Rose Lineage teachings were forced underground by the patriarchal Church, they were kept alive by secret societies, in hidden codes like the Tarot and through legends such as those of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table.

As we journey with the 9 Rose Queens, we will dive deeply into their mythos and archetypal energies in relation to our own embodiment as Legendary Leaders on our quest to standing fully in our power as Queens of the Round Table.

The Zodiac Eclipse Cycles

The Eclipse Cycles are the dance of the Sun, the Moon and Earth herself. They organise and guide the long-range evolutionary trajectories of human consciousness and link it directly to the rhythms of the cosmos and Gaia’s own journey as a celestial body. The QRT experience is embedded within great epochs of evolution; understanding and embodying this metalevel of life is important as a Queen in service to humanity.

Eclipse Cycles drive evolution. They drive our understanding of who we are, why we are here and what our individual purpose is within that.

In order to be an effective and brilliant leader for our thriving future, you must be questioning what you know, and you must anchor that questioning within a perspective that includes epochs of time.

The Avalon Mystery Tradition Membership

In the Avalon Mystery Tradition Membership with Holly Rhiannon, you are infused with the deep spiritual teachings and transmissions of the Holy Isle. The monthly webinars are a rich mix of astrology, earth rhythms, Avalonian lore and legend, history and emergent teachings of the Avalon temenos. As well, Holly anchors and channels wisdom from the Order of the Blue Rose. You receive guidance and support to become intimate with these living currents through ceremony, personal enquiry, somatic embodiment and shamanic techniques. Each webinar is opened with a guided prayer meditation, and closes with an opportunity for sharing and reflection.

The Membership also includes a recorded Dark Moon Guided Journey every lunation, which serves to deeply integrate and assimilate your personal exploration of the lunation.

The Celtic Queens

The women of the Celtic pantheon are ancient sources of Awen (inspiration) Power and Love. They are archetypal rivers that nourish your Divine Feminine soul and identity in primal, ecstatic and practical ways. The Celtic Queens facet and embody the eternal elemental realms of the Creation and are role models for modern Feminine Leadership.

The Celtic Queens are embodied sovereign dragon powers. They are linked to the Earth, the Stars, and the Elements. They are pre-Roman, pre-Christian vessels of undomesticated Love. When we journey with them, they awaken deep original code, preternatural and supernatural genius within our beings. They remind us who we really were before any imprints of social conditioning.  

You will study and commune with 9 Celtic Queens during your QRT pathway. You will learn their myths and legends, immerse in their essence and apprentice them in support of your revolutionary Leadership as a modern Queen of the Round Table.